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Details and links for individual papers are listed below.

1st and 2nd author papers

  1. Wong I, Benneke B, Gao P, et al. “HST+Spitzer transmission spectra of two cool exoplanets: WASP-29b and WASP-80b”. AJ in prep (2022).

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Selected co-author papers

  • Addison B C, Knudstrup E, Wong I, et al. “TOI-1431b/MASCARA-5b: A highly irradiated ultra-hot Jupiter orbiting one of the hottest & brightest known exoplanet host stars”. AJ accepted (2021).

  • Cabot S H C, Bello-Arufe A, Mendoça J M, et al. “TOI-1518b: A misaligned ultra-hot Jupiter with iron in its atmosphere”. AJ 162 218 (2021). ADS link

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