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Details and links for individual published papers are listed below.

1st and 2nd author papers

  1. Wong I, Brown M E, Emery J P, et al. “JWST near-infrared spectroscopy of the Lucy Jupiter Trojan flyby targets: Evidence for OH absorption, aliphatic organics, and CO₂”. PSJ 5 87 (2024). ADS link

  2. Emery J P, Wong I, Stansberry J A, et al. “A tale of 3 dwarf planets: Compositions of Sedna, Gonggong, and Quaoar from JWST spectroscopy”. Icarus, 414 116017 (2024). ADS link

  3. Grundy W M, Wong I, Glein C R, et al. "Measurement of D/H and ¹³C/¹²C ratios in methane ice on Eris and Makemake: Evidence for internal activity”. Icarus, 401 115923 (2024). ADS link

  4. Wong I & Brown M E. "Photometric confirmation and characterization of the Ennomos collisional family in the Jupiter Trojans". AJ 165 15 (2023). ADS link

  5. Wong I, Chachan Y, Knutson H A, et al. “The Hubble PanCET program: A featureless transmission spectrum for WASP-29b and evidence of enhanced atmospheric metallicity on WASP-80b”. AJ 164 30 (2022). ADS link

  6. Wong I, Shporer A, Vissapragada S, et al. “TESS revisits WASP-12: Updated orbital decay rate and constraints on atmospheric variability”. AJ 163 175 (2022). ADS link

  7. Wong I, Shporer A, Zhou G, et al. “TOI-2109: An ultrahot gas giant on a 16 hour orbit”. AJ 162 256 (2021). ADS link

  8. Wong I, Kitzmann D, Shporer A, et al. “Visible-light phase curves from the second year of the TESS primary mission”. AJ 162 127 (2021). ADS link

  9. Beatty T G, Wong I, Fetherolf T, et al. “The TESS phase curve of KELT-1b suggests a high dayside albedo”. AJ 160 211 (2020). ADS link

  10. Wong I, Shporer A, Daylan T, et al. “Systematic phase curve study of known transiting exoplanet systems from Year 1 of the TESS Mission”. AJ 160 155 (2020). ADS link

  11. Wong I, Shporer A, Kitzmann D, et al. “Exploring the atmospheric dynamics of the extreme ultra-hot Jupiter KELT-9b using TESS photometry”. AJ 160 80 (2020). ADS link

  12. Wong I, Benneke B, Gao P, et al. “Optical to near-infrared transmission spectrum of the warm sub-Saturn HAT-P-12b”. ApJ 159 234 (2020). ADS link

  13. Wong I, Benneke B, Shporer A, et al. “TESS phase curve of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-19b”. AJ 159 104 (2020). ADS link

  14. Wong I, Shporer A, Becker J C, et al. “The full Kepler phase curve of the eclipsing hot white dwarf binary system KOI-964” ApJ 159 29 (2020). ADS link

  15. Benneke B, Wong I, Piaulet C, et al. “Water vapor and clouds on the habitable-zone sub-Neptune exoplanet K2-18b”. ApJL 887 L14 (2019). ADS link

  16. Wong I, Mishra A, & Brown M E “Photometry of active Centaurs: Colors of dormant active Centaur nuclei” AJ 157 225 (2019). ADS link

  17. Wong I & Brown M E. “Multiband observations of a Patroclus-Menoetius mutual event: Constraints on surface inhomogeneity”. AJ 157 203 (2019). ADS link

  18. Shporer A, Wong I, Huang C X, et al. “TESS full orbital phase curve of the WASP-18b system” AJ 157 178 (2019). ADS link

  19. Wong I, Brown M E, Blacksberg J, Ehlmann B L, & Mahjoub A. “Hubble ultraviolet spectroscopy of Jupiter Trojans”. AJ 157 161 (2019). ADS link

  20. Wong I, Brown M E, & Emery J P. “0.7-2.5 μm spectra of Hilda asteroids”. AJ 154 104 (2017). ADS link

  21. Wong I & Brown M E. “The bimodal color distribution of small Kuiper Belt objects”. AJ 153 145 (2017). ADS link

  22. Wong I & Brown M E. “The color-magnitude distribution of Hilda asteroids: Comparison with Jupiter Trojans”. AJ 153 69 (2017). ADS link

  23. Wong I & Brown M E. “A hypothesis for the color bimodality of Jupiter Trojans”. AJ 152 90 (2016). ADS link

  24. Wong I, Knutson H A, Kataria T, et al. “3.6 and 4.5 μm Spitzer phase curves of the highly irradiated hot Jupiters WASP-19b and HAT-P-7b”. ApJ 823 122 (2016). ADS link

  25. Wong I & Brown M E. “The color-magnitude distribution of small Jupiter Trojans”. AJ 150 174 (2015). ADS link

  26. Wong I, Knutson H A, Lewis, N K, et al. “3.6 and 4.5 μm phase curves of the highly irradiated eccentric hot Jupiter WASP-14b”. ApJ 811 122 (2015). ADS link

  27. Wong I, Brown M E, & Emery J P. "The differing magnitude distributions of the two Jupiter Trojan color populations". AJ 148 112 (2014). ADS link

  28. Wong I, Knutson H A, Cowan N B, et al. “Constraints on the atmospheric circulation and variability of the eccentric hot Jupiter XO-3b”. ApJ 794 134 (2014). ADS link

  29. Wong I, Grigoriu A, Roslund J, Ho T S, & Rabitz H. "Laser-driven direct quantum control of nuclear excitations". Phys. Rev. A 84 053429 (2011). ADS link

Selected co-author papers

  • Glein C R, Grundy W M, Lunine J I, et al. “Moderate D/H ratios in methane ice on Eris and Makemake as evidence of hydrothermal or metamorphic processes in their interiors: Geochemical analysis”. Icarus 412 115999 (2024). ADS link

  • Rivkin A S, Thomas C A, Wong I, et al. “Near to mid-infrared spectroscopy of (65803) Didymos as observed by JWST: Characterization observations supporting the Double Asteroid Redirection Test”. PSJ 4 214 (2023). ADS link

  • Coulombe L-P, Benneke B, Challener R, et al. “A broadband thermal emission spectrum of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-18b”. Nature 620 292 (2023). ADS link

  • Piaulet C, Benneke B, Almenara J M, et al. “Evidence for the volatile-rich composition of a 1.5-Earth-radius planet”. Nature Astronomy 7 206 (2023). ADS link

  • Marschall R, Nesvorný D, Deienno R, et al. "Implications for the collisional strength of Jupiter Trojans fro the Eurybates family". AJ 164 167 (2022). ADS link

  • Niraula P, Shporer A, Wong I, & de Wit J. "Revisiting Kepler transiting systems: Unvetting planets and constraining relationships among harmonics in phase curves”. AJ 163 172 (2022). ADS link

  • Addison B C, Knudstrup E, Wong I, et al. “TOI-1431b/MASCARA-5b: A highly irradiated ultra-hot Jupiter orbiting one of the hottest & brightest known exoplanet host stars”. AJ 162 292 (2021). ADS link

  • Cabot S H C, Bello-Arufe A, Mendoça J M, et al. “TOI-1518b: A misaligned ultra-hot Jupiter with iron in its atmosphere”. AJ 162 218 (2021). ADS link

  • Levison H F, Olkin C B, Noll, K S, et al. “Lucy Mission to the Trojan asteroids: Science goals”. PSJ 2 171 (2021). ADS link

  • Guerrero N M, Seager S, Huang C X, et al. “The TESS Objects of Interest catalog from the TESS Prime Mission”. ApJS 254 39 (2021). ADS link

  • Daylan T, Günther M N, Mikal-Evans T, et al. “TESS observations of the WASP-121b phase curve”. AJ 161 131 (2021). ADS link

  • Crossfield I J M, Dragomir D, Cowan N B, et al. “Phase curves of hot Neptune LTT 9779b suggest a high-metallicity atmosphere with nonzero albedo”. ApJL 903 L7 (2020). ADS link

  • Dragomir D, Crossfield I J M, Benneke B, et al. “Spitzer reveals evidence of molecular absorption in the atmosphere of the hot Neptune LT9779b”. ApJL 903 L6 (2020). ADS link

  • Chachan Y, Jontof-Hutter D, Knutson H A, et al. "A featureless infrared transmission spectrum for the super-puff planet Kepler-79d". AJ 160 201 (2020). ADS link

  • Teske J, Días M R, Luque R, et al. "TESS reveals a short-period sub-Neptune sibling (HD 86226c) to a known long-period giant planet". AJ 160 96 (2020). ADS link

  • Huang C X, Quinn S N, Vanderburg A, et al. “TESS spots a hot Jupiter with an inner transiting Neptune”. ApJL 892 L7 (2020). ADS link

  • Mansfield M, Bean J L, Stevenson K B, et al. “Evidence for H2 dissociation and recombination heat transport in the atmosphere of KELT-9b”. ApJL 888 L15 (2020). ADS link

  • Chachan Y, Knutson H A, Gao P, et al. “A Hubble PanCET study of HAT-P-11b: A cloudy Neptune with a low atmospheric metallicity” AJ 158 244 (2019). ADS link

  • Zhou G, Huang C X, Bakos G Á, et al.  “Two new HATNet hot Jupiters around A stars, and the first glimpse at the occurrence rate of hot Jupiters from TESS” AJ 158 141 (2019). ADS link

  • Benneke B, Knutson H A, Lothringer J, et al. “A Sub-Neptune atmosphere with solar water abundance, strong methane depletion, and Mie-scattering aerosols”. Nature Astronomy 3 813 (2019). ADS link

  • Rodriguez J E, Quinn S N, Huang C X, et al. “An eccentric massive Jupiter orbiting a sub-giant on a 9.5 day period discovered in the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Full Frame Images”. ApJ 157 191 (2019). ADS link

  • Poston M J, Mahjoub A, Ehlmann B L, et al. “Visible near-infrared spectral evolution of irradiated mixed ices and application to Kuiper Belt objects and Jupiter Trojans”. ApJ 856 124 (2018). ADS link

  • Ingalls J G, Krick J E, Carey S J, et al. “Repeatability and accuracy of exoplanet eclipse depths measured with post-cryogenic Spitzer”. AJ 152 44 (2016). ADS link

  • Krick J E, Ingalls J, Carey S, et al. “Spitzer IRAC sparsely sampled phase curve of the exoplanet WASP-14b”. ApJ 824 27 (2016). ADS link

  • Beichman, C, Livingston, J, Werner W, et al. “Spitzer observations of exoplanets discovered with the Kepler K2 mission”. ApJ 822 39 (2016). ADS link

  • Buhler, P B, Knutson H A, Batygin, K, et al. “Dynamical constraints on the core mass of hot Jupiter HAT-P-13b”. ApJ 821 26 (2016). ADS link

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